Hey 🙂 My name is Izzy and I guess this is my blog now!


Well welcome!

This blog is more for me to use to grow and expand as a person. I’ve already got a very bubbly and outgoing personality, but sometimes it’s easier to express yourself when you’re not face-to-face with someone else.

I’m not sure where to start, so I’ll guess I’ll just start from the beginning!

I was born in Newport Beach, California, and I was raised alongside my younger brother by my parents until my sister was born in 2013 and became a part of the family.

with my brother and sister at a college campus in california • 2013

We lived about thirty minutes outside of the city in a town called Lafayette that I adored. To me, it was your picture perfect town; a local sushi place, Noah’s Bagels, several phenomenal restaurants and family-owned business, and of course, my home.

family photo in my childhood home • maybe 2007 or 2008

When I was eleven, my family moved across the country to North Carolina.

While I was excited to live near my aunts and cousins, I wasn’t excited to leave behind the friends I had, the barn and horses I adored, and, above all, the place I had grown up.

Although I had traveled out east before, and even spent several weeks at a sleepaway camp I love, I didn’t want anything to change permanently.

making wine in my neighbor’s yard (a few days before we moved) • 2015

Easily, the hardest thing about moving was finding friends.

Although I am loud and expressive, no one seemed to have the same energy, and I immediately felt out of place. My mom and I agreed; we just wanted to go back to the familiarity of home.

my best friends in orange county; scotty and kyle • 2007

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about starting over somewhere new is this; you won’t feel alone forever.

You have to focus on the positives instead of the negative; you will find friends that have similar interests and you will adapt.

If I could go back and do it all over again, I’d tell myself that the worst parts are behind me, and that I will be okay.

at the beach with spencer • 2018
with friends and classmates in washington, dc • 2018

This blog, for me, is a place where I can reflect who I am just because I can.

Every post will be about something I enjoy, whether that be a collection of tv shows, music, food, traveling, friends, horses, etc.

homecoming my freshman year with my best friend • 2018

Personally, I don’t care anymore what people think of me.

Even if there are days where I feel like I stand out too much, or that maybe someone is right, maybe I’m weird or annoying, I’ve learned that I shouldn’t look at someone else’s opinion too deeply; for every person trying to tear me down, there’s at least one person building me up.

cabin 49 second sesh • 2018

If there’s only one thing you take away from this blog, let it be how to live as your best self 🖤

You can always try to fake-it-till-you-make-it, but trust me; life is so much more beautiful when you’re living it the way you want to.

in charleston • 2010

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