Or, in other terms, the brain.

SO fun fact about me; I am really interested in becoming a pediatric neurosurgeon, or, in less fancy terms, a doctor who operates on children’s brains.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “What a weirdo! Stay clear or her, good God! What kind of teenager wants to dig around in people’s brains??”

Well, it’s actually SUPER fascinating how everything works!

So get this… Your brain doesn’t have any pain receptors!


Yes, your brain is the vital organ that can detect pain, but only in other parts of your body. The brain itself has no pain receptors, which means you could have a surgeon operating on the back of your head, and you can be awake and feel fine.

Speaking of being awake during surgery, it’s actually quite common to be awake during neurosurgery.

Because you are basically a brain (it controls your motor functions, your thoughts, everything!), doctors HAVE to be sure that they aren’t doing any critical damage to your brain. So they’ll have you start talking and they’ll touch on part of your brain that controls your verbal skills, and your speech will just become slurred and incomprehensible.

Am I the ONLY one who finds that so incredibly cool? Like, how can someone not (i) find this cool??

Hold on – get this! If you’re a techy person, you’ll be SUPER interested in this…

Neurosurgeons, among other doctors, have begun to use VR headsets to help patients get an inside look of where and how they’re going to perform a surgery!! Like, what?!

Another thing that’s too cool about neurosurgery is how little we know about the brain compared to most other organs. And failure isn’t exactly an option.

In this article, some neurosurgeons go more in depth about what they love about neurosurgery, and how although it is challenging due to the little information we have on certain aspects of the brain, they wouldn’t trade their job for anything else.

Okay, so ladies, here’s a sad fact for you; for every 20 male neurosurgeons, there is 1 female neurosurgeon. Like whaaat? Where’s my female representation?

Well, it’s with Dr. Grace Mandigo, an Asian-American, female neurosurgeon who specializes in devoted to her practice and is an “American Board of Neurological Surgery certified Neurosurgeon and Endovascular Neurosurgery specialist”. So, in other words, she’s kick-ass awesome!!

She’s literally changing the face of neurosurgery!! How is that not awesome? She is a minority group (female doctor) that isn’t commonly represented in the medical field, and she’s working SO HARD to bring awareness to this. She hosted a conference to bring about change!!

Like, if I could be like ANYONE when I grow up, it would be her 🖤 I can’t think of anyone cooler and just, ugh. #rolemodel, you know?


Author: izzyfriedli

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