Unpopular Opinions ; Crop-tops

Don’t @ me, but crop-tops are for EVERYONE!

Whether you’re “skinny” or “fat”, there’s NO reason why you shouldn’t express yourself through you’re clothing.

One thing I absolutely HATE is when people say stupid and mean things like, “You’re too fat to wear that shirt!” or “Fat people shouldn’t wear skin-bearing clothes!” or “Why are you wearing a crop-top? You’re a boy!”

Okay, FIRST OF ALL, fat should never be used as a shaming or mean word, because it’s just another adjective like “beautiful”.


Not everyone is going to have the exact same body shape, so stop expecting that! People are born differently, so just deal with it! We all have different metabolisms, genetics, and neurological makeups, so it actually makes me SO MAD when people fat shame other people.

Like, who do you think you are? That’s A) not your place and none of your business, and B) why does it matter?? Like, if you’re a good and kind person that has a different body shape, like why should what you look like matter? I don’t understand??

And SECOND OF ALL, boys can wear crop-tops, too!

Just like make-up, it’s all about personal expression, and if you’re a dude who wants to wear a crop-top despite our TOXIC society, then you go king!! Take you’re crown!!

To be one-hundred percent honest, cis guys can wear crop-tops, too. If girls can wear basketball shorts, baggy sweatpants, and over-sized sports jersey because they want to, then guys can wear crop-tops. 


You CANNOT be for one or the other; you gotta play for both teams since y’all are playing/fighting for the same thing!! And that’s just the tea sis.

What people need to understand is that yes, being beautiful on the inside is SO much more beautiful than looking like a model, but there are so many KINDS OF BEAUTIFUL 🖤

The woman in the picture a few paragraphs above is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, and she is beautiful in her own way.

No, she isn’t what is considered the “beauty standard”, but I think it’s impossible to say that she’s not pretty. Honestly.

And if you have the GUTS to tell me he isn’t handsome, you’re either blind or lying to me and to yourself.

Just spreading the facts, my dudes…

What I simply CANNOT understand is why there are gender barriers and beauty standards.

Like I said, NO ONE is physically, mentally, or emotionally the same, so I wish society would stop trying to force that onto people.

One of my favorite quotes is “We were born to be real, not perfect,” which was said by an unknown genius.

What I really want to happen, now that’s it’s 2019, is for gender barriers and beauty standards to crumble.

They’re not relevant, needed, or important, and they cause SO many insecurities!!

Nobody wants to feel like they’re not good enough, so don’t try to force people to be things that they’re not!!

If a boy wants to wear make-up and girls of all sizes want to wear crop-tops and short skirts, LET THEM!! It’s not your place to tell them what to do, and it’s their life; let them live it the way they want to!!


Author: izzyfriedli

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