Ways To Be a Happier Human

#1 : Do Small Things for Yourself

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference, so do treat yourself!

One thing I did that makes me really happy (for some unknown reason) is having my both my phone and laptop decorated with stickers from Redbubble.

The stickers I chose were both expressive of me, but also things, quotes, and pictures that made me smile 🙂

Literally, it’s the SMALLEST thing I could do for myself, but it makes me unbelievably happy 🖤

#2 : Listen to Music that Puts You in a Good Mood

There’s nothing better than starting your day off with upbeat music that makes you smile  😀!!

Not only does it help you wake up, but listening to your favorite song is a GREAT way to start off your day, mainly because it puts you in SUCH A GOOD MOOD!!

This song (or these songs) can be as funny, spunky, and loud as you want! As long as they A) wake you up and B) make you smile :))

To get ME in a good mood, I either listen to…

Nattgeral by Gabrielle is just such a hype song, and it really gets me moving and grooving 😛 It’s also just really fun to listen to and sing along with

I Would is PROBABLY one of my favorite One Direction, and I LOVE how energetic it is.

I don’t know, I just love it.

You can fight me, but Tiptoe is one of Imagine Dragons best songs! It’s not super loud and it’s not nearly as energetic as the other two songs, but it still puts me in a good mood 🙂

#3 : Think Positively

Life happens. We ALL have those days that just are borderline awful.

What makes those days worse is when we tell ourselves truly how bad our day has been, or how bad today WILL be.


At camp, we start each day with an affirmation, whether that be us doing toe kisses or screaming at the top of our lungs, “Today is going to be a GREAT day! I love camp! I love life!”

Whatever we do, it always puts us in a good mood for the day.

If you try really hard to keep a positive standpoint almost 100% of the time, you’ll naturally start to have a more positive attitude. 

What’s really cool about the brain (yes, I’m going to nerd out for a second) is that saying something positive aloud will change how you think about something. Both this article and this article go more in depth into how the science of thinking positively makes you happier 🙂

#4 : Don’t Blend in with The Crowd

Don’t be just another person who follows the crowd. You were BORN to be your individual, unique self, so don’t hide that person 🖤

Now, I’m not saying ditch your friends because that’s NOT AT ALL what I’m trying to say!

What I am saying is that be a follower to some degree; you can be like someone else, but don’t forget that you’re someone phenomenal and great and interesting too!


It can be hard to be who you are sometimes; believe me, I get it. 

But once you accept yourself, so will everyone else. 

And once you are open about yourself and express who you are, others will begin to follow you. 

So don’t be afraid to be open or loud or quiet or feminine or masculine or neither; just be yourself. 

Because you are enough 🖤

#5 : Help Others

One of the most REWARDING feelings is helping someone else 🙂

So whenever you can, help someone else. It could be as small as carrying in the groceries for your mom or helping your neighbor plant their garden, or it can be as big as building a house with Habitat for Humanity or taking a service trip to a third world country.

However you chose to help, you WILL not only be improving our world, but you’ll also feel really good about yourself afterward because you will know that you just improved someone’s life.

#6 : Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine in the world.

If you don’t go through life laughing, you’re wasting your life.


There is SO MUCH to laugh about!

And there is SO MUCH laughter can fix!

If you’re upset about doing badly on a test or you just got dumped or something else bad happened to you, think about, watch, or do something that’s going to make you cry laughing. 

It is IS so important to laugh things off.

If you spend time dwelling and simmering about something negative that happened, it’s going to be SO MUCH WORSE! 

But if you laugh it off, you’ll feel better 🙂


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