TLM ; Hibiscus and Plumeria Flowers

It can’t be just me, but when I see or smell certain things, that sight or smell triggers a happy memory.

For me, hibiscus and plumeria flowers are a HUGE one.

Because I was raised in California, my family’s tropical vacations were usually to Hawaii, specifically Maui or “The Big Island”.

I grew up spending spring break or Thanksgiving swimming with turtles, digging in the sand, drinking fruity mocktails, and being surrounded by true Hawaiian beauty.

plumeria flowers : source

And hibiscus and plumeria flowers, the crown jewels of Hawaii!

Both of these beautiful flowers are found in Hawaii, and they were literally everywhere you went.

These flowers are colorful and beautiful and smell like heaven on Earth. They are truly one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. 

Although I’ve seen hibiscus flowers in other tropical places, I’ve never seen plumerias anywhere but Hawaii, but I haven’t seen as much of the world as I would like to.

One thing I’ve always loved about plumerias is the fact that sea turtles eat them. 

hibiscus flower : source

It’s the cutest thing to see a little turtle pull one of the fallen flowers underwater with them.

I mean, sea turtles are cute when they’re NOT eating pretty flowers, but when they ARE eating pretty flowers…

It’s game over man!!

Because I spent so much time on the islands, it became, not to sound cheesy, a part of me.

Everything is so slow and beautiful on the islands, and I honestly miss waking up and watching the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean.

Maybe it’s cheesy, but I don’t really care.

Hawaii is a place I grew up visiting, even as a baby!

To say that it hasn’t influenced me would be a lie.

So whenever I see these flowers, even in pictures, it’s like I can feel the warm aloha spirit and taste the waves. 

They remind me of The Little Moment I spent on the islands, and they remind me to be grateful for the memories I have there. 


Author: izzyfriedli

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