TOP•5 ; Things SKAM has Taught Me

Yes, I’m back to talking about my favorite show EVER :))

#5 : Your Opinions Matter More Than Others

Throughout Season 1, Eva struggles to fit in after she stole her ex-best friend Ingrid’s boyfriend Jonas.

She’s become shy and insecure and goes along with the current when she was born to start her own school and swim with the people she loves most.


While Eva is not my favorite character, I do believe that her message of valuing your own opinion more than others is SO IMPORTANT!!

Thank you SKAM for bringing this to light, because I can’t stress ENOUGH how important it is to have your own opinions and act according to your own beliefs than just blindly following people.

And what’s so great about the way SKAM relays this message is that they show how hard it can be to stand up for your own opinions.

Eva fights SO HARD and hits SO MANY bumps in the road just trying to find out who she is, what she stands for, and what she believes in, which accurately demonstrates how hard the journey can be, but how it is so worth the risks.

#2 : Be Yourself (Even if it is Scary)



In Season 2, Noora, the ultimate badass who I aspire to be, is introduced and gives us a taste of what it’s like to be confident in yourself and how to love and respect yourself unconditionally.

In Season 3, Isak (aka my precious child who I will protect at all costs) is struggling with his sexuality and is afraid of what others may think about him.

He is the polar opposite of Noora; unsure of who he is, afraid, and not confident in the slightest.

While we follow Isak on his journey, he asks his roommate, Eskild, for advice on how to come out and embrace being gay.

However, Isak is less than empathetic, and not only offends Eskild, but many members of the Pride Movement.

Eskild’s response says it all.


It can be scary to be yourself, but it’s better than pretending to be someone you’re not

TELL ME that’s not powerful!!

Throughout the series, each character is faced with something that testifies who they are, and in each season, the main characters grow and learn to love themselves for who they are deep down.

#3 : You are Never Alone

In each of the four seasons of beauty created by Julie Andem, Isak, Noora, Eva, and Sana are faced with incredibly hard challenges that test them in so many different ways.

However, they pull through because they are not alone.

No one is ever truly alone, even if you think you are.

People need people and because we are all connected, no one gets left behind.

Sometimes things get hard, but SKAM teaches us that we are never alone, and that our friends, family, and loved one will ALWAYS be there for us 🖤

It’s not weird that people give up. That they stop believing in the good. But thank you so much for not giving up. Because even though it sometimes feels like it, no one’s ever alone. Each and every one of us is a part of the big chaos. (Jonas, Season 4)

#2 : Be Kind, Always

Going back to my precious, savage, feminist baby Noora…

Being kind to those who are cruel, to those who are sick, to those who you don’t know is SO IMPORTANT.


A HUGE of this show is about learning to be kind to those who are fighting battles you don’t even know about, so choosing to be kind instead of reflecting someone else’s behavior is the most important thing you can do.

In Season 2, not only is Noora’s boyfriend, William, fighting with his brother Niko, who has been struggling since before their younger sister died in a car accident Niko caused but Noora is also struggling.

But do either of these characters know anything about one another’s issues?


But they choose kindness. And love.

In fact, every character in SKAM is faced with a situation where they can either choose kindness, or they could choose anger, bitterness, and hate.

And each one of them chooses kindness.

Sometimes you will come across a person who seems like they’re hateful or a bad person, but you will NEVER know what someone else is struggling to get through, so be kind and loving.

Being kind to everyone will make you a happier and better person.

And you’ll positively affect those you know, those you love, and those who need more happiness in their lives.

#1 : Love Conquers All

Fear spreads, but… fortunately love does too 🖤

Y’all this quote makes me so emotional because yes, fear spreads, but people don’t recognize that love spreads EQUALLY as fast.

Yes, there’s some bad in the world, but there is also SO much good 🖤


This show has SUCH a beautiful underlying message…




And I feel like in today’s day and age, that’s so hard to find not only in the media, but in the world itself.

And that’s why SKAM is not only such an awesome show to follow, but also why it is so beautiful and important for people to watch; we all need to learn how to spread love instead of fear and hatred.


So these TOP•5 ; Things SKAM has Taught Me are just a few reasons why SKAM is SUCH as incredible and powerful show.

If you want to watch SKAM, but you don’t live in Norway, you can find the original show with English subtitles by clicking on the blue text, or you can watch any of the remakes simply by clicking here. 

Sadly, I haven’t had much time to watch any of the remakes other than SKAM Italia and bits of SKAM France, so if you’ve watched any of the remakes and loved them, comment and tell me :))


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