TOP•5 ; Pie Flavors (/ Pie Rating??)

In honor of Pi Day, I thought I would do my TOP•5 ; Pie Flavors that’s also kind of like a pie rating? So yeah :))

(Also free recipes so YAY!!)

#5 ; Cherry Pie


Okay so I love cherries, but I don’t really like them in pie?
Just kind of underwhelmed but overwhelmed at the same time?

Like it’s very sweet, but too sweet.

I’m more of a fan of the crust than any other part of the pie… :/
I’d rate 5.5/10 wouldn’t necessarily recommend.

#4 ; Apple Pie

(Maybe I just don’t like fruit pies???)


Good ol’ American apple pie…

Not to betray America or anything, but I’m actually not a huge fan of apple pie… 

I know, I’m sorry!!

It’s crunchy and sweet and fruity and cinnamony, but it just doesn’t do it for me.

I love MAKING apple pie, so definitely 7/10 would recommend. 

#3 ; Key Lime/Chocolate Chess Pie

Okay so for key lime pie I LOVE the crust, I just am really picky when it comes to the filling.

It can be a little tart, so it has to be balanced with sweetness.

I can only eat it in small amounts.

Also, when it’s dyed minty green, it really grosses me out.

Overall, solid 8/10.

As for the chocolate chess, I really like it, but again, I can only eat it in small quantities.

It’s very thick and chocolatey so I can’t sit down and devour a whole pie. 

Solid 8/10 as well.

#2 ; Pumpkin Pie


Not to be 110% basic, but I love pumpkin pie, especially during Thanksgiving.

I like how it’s fall-y and really sweet at the same time.

Also, isn’t pumpkin a vegetable.

Boom: healthiness.

(how to be healthy by izzy: lie to yourself about

unhealthy foods to justify gorging yourself)

But in all seriousness, I really do love it.


#1 ; Pecan Pie


Yeah, so I’m kind of a slut for pecan pie…

Like, don’t leave me alone in a room with it because it’ll be gone!

Pecan pie is easily the most delicious pie in the ENTIRE world 🖤

It’s sweet, it’s crunchy, it’s got a nice crust.

Literally the most beautiful creation on this ENTIRE planet, and that’s simply just the tea sis!

11/10 would definitely recommend.


Author: izzyfriedli

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