One to Ten ; Sadie

*WARNING* This post and book contain content that may be sensitive to some readers. PLEASE err on the side of caution!! *WARNING*

I would rate Sadie by Courtney Summers

★★★★★★★★★☆ • 9 out of 10


I think it had some REALLY important themes and messages throughout the book. This murder-mystery introduces Sadie Hunter, a nineteen-year-old trying to find justice and vengeance for her younger sister, Mattie, who was murdered in their hometown of Cold Creek, Colorado.


🚫 This book has very mature themes, including child predators and sexual abuse and assault, so it is not for everyone.🚫

However, I really enjoyed it because I am SUPER into murder-mysteries because I think they’re so much fun to solve and I love that moment when everything just clicks into place.

The reason I would rate Sadiea 9 out of 10is because it was such an intriguing book with such a beautiful writing style that I couldn’t resist falling in love with it. The chapters of this book alternated between two perspectives; Sadie and West McCray, who is a talk show host involved in the murder for a show called “The Girls.”

“We’re no better or worse than the people we walk amongst.” (Summers 66)

One of the things I didn’t like about the book was the involvement of child sexual abuse.

Although I understand it was crucial to the plot line, seeing that the main predator Keith/Darren/Chris/a-bunch-of-fake-names is Mattie’s alleged murderer, I didn’t feel it necessary to have more than one character be a child predator.

Besides this detail, I LOVED the book so much!! It was SUCH a good mystery, and I liked the involvement of the talk show in contribution to Sadie’s portion of the story.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this book, depending on the person, because it was super intriguing and was so thoughtfully pieced together to create one of the best mysteries I’ve ever read.

“A body might not always be beautiful, but a body can be a beautiful deception.” (Summers 24)


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