Writing > Reading


So I kind of like to write…

You’re probably thinking, “Wow Izzy. That’s a shock!”

But I do love writing. Writing > Reading man!

I love writing for my school’s newspaper, I love writing essays (yes I’m THAT annoying kid…) I love writing blog posts

And I love writing fiction.

Any kind of fiction.

I love writing about universes that haven’t been invented yet, characters that haven’t been loved yet, and plotlines that haven’t been adventured yet.

But I have one problem with my fictional-just-for-fun stories.

I can NEVER seem to finish one!

I have all of these ideas and characters and plots…

And I can just never finish their stories 😦

I want to, I just never can.

Sometimes I get bored with my characters stories.

Sometimes I can’t think of another word to write.

Sometimes I just come up with another idea that just seems better than the last.

Our English teacher told us tio just “dumpster fire it”; write a HORRIBLE first draft that makes no sense, and then go back and make it pretty and elegant.

But I want my drafts to all to be pretty and elegant.

Although revising is sometimes helpful, epically with articles and essays, but with fiction it makes me lose interest in my story.

It makes my characters seem lame or uninteresting, and it makes my plots feel like something that’s been written by one thousand other writers.Β 

And I know it shouldn’t because the WHOLE POINT of revising is to make your writing better, but it lowers my confidence in my writing.Β 

It’s a whole struggle.

But sis is never going to quit writing because she loves it πŸ–€


Author: izzyfriedli

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