Unpopular Opinions ; Crop-tops

Don’t @ me, but crop-tops are for EVERYONE 🤷‍♀️

Whether you’re “skinny” or “fat”, there’s NO reason why you shouldn’t express yourself through you’re clothing.

One thing I absolutely HATE is when people say stupid and mean things like, “You’re too fat to wear that shirt!” or “Fat people shouldn’t wear skin-bearing clothes!” or “Why are you wearing a crop-top? You’re a boy!”

Okay, FIRST OF ALL, fat should never be used as a shaming or mean word, because it’s just another adjective like “skinny” or “beautiful”.


Not everyone is going to have the exact same body shape, so stop expecting that! People are born differently, so just deal with it! We all have different metabolisms, genetics, and neurological makeups, so it actually makes me SO MAD when people fat shame other people.

Like, who do you think you are? That’s A) not your place and none of your business, and B) why does it matter?? Like, if you’re a good and kind person that has a different body shape, like why should what you look like matter? I don’t understand??

And SECOND OF ALL, boys can wear crop-tops, too! Just like make-up, it’s all about personal expression, and if you’re a dude who wants to wear a crop-top despite our TOXIC society, then you go king!! 👑👍 Take you’re crown!!

To be one-hundred percent honest, cis guys can wear crop-tops, too. If girls can wear basketball shorts, baggy sweatpants, and over-sized sports jersey because they want to, then guys can wear crop-tops. 

You CANNOT be for one or the other; you gotta play for both teams since y’all are playing/fighting for the same thing!! And that’s just the tea sis.

What people need to understand is that yes, being beautiful on the inside is SO much more beautiful than looking like a model, but there are so many KINDS OF BEAUTIFUL 🖤

The woman in the picture a few paragraphs above is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, and she is beautiful in her own way.

No, she isn’t what is considered the “beauty standard”, but I think it’s impossible to say that she’s not pretty. Honestly.


And if you have the GUTS to tell me he isn’t handsome, you’re either blind or lying to me and to yourself 🤷‍♀️ Just spreading the facts, my dudes…

What I simply CANNOT understand is why there are gender barriers and beauty standards.

Like I said, NO ONE is physically, mentally, or emotionally the same, so I wish society would stop trying to force that onto people.

One of my favorite quotes is “We were born to be real, not perfect,” which was said by an unknown genius.

What I really want to happen, now that’s it’s 2019, is for gender barriers and beauty standards to crumble.

They’re not relevant, needed, or important, and they cause SO many insecurities!!

Nobody wants to feel like they’re not good enough, so don’t try to force people to be things that they’re not!!

If a boy wants to wear make-up and girls of all sizes want to wear crop-tops and short skirts, LET THEM!! It’s not your place to tell them what to do, and it’s their life; let them live it the way they want to!!



TOP•5 : Ways to Stay De-Stressed

This goes out to all my teenagers and procrastinators 😜

If you’re someone who likes to procrastinate (can’t relate, it stresses me out WAY too much to the point of emotional break-down… 👍) or some who is lowkey SO STRESSED out by work or school that sunlight hurts, then this is for you!

So like I said, I literally CAN’T procrastinate, but I know a lot of people who do, and I know from personal experience that these methods (which are my personal favorites) actually help because, um, I’m not stressed out? And I do these things? So like scientifically proven?

#5 : Being Comfy While Working

Okay, so like apparently studies show you’re NOT supposed to study or do work on your bed or a couch or ANYWHERE comfy because it distracts you and makes you feel sleepy or lazy, but like, being comfy is WAY less distracting because you’re not switching to a “comfy position” every two seconds… Um, don’t @ me science 🤷‍♀️


Like, if you KNOW that you’re not going to be able to study because you’re going to fall asleep on your bed, then don’t do this, but if you just had an “Ah-ha!” moment, then you’re welcome.

Because isn’t it SO much more distracting to be constantly moving, trying to be comfortable when trying to get something done then when sitting down and being comfy?

Like, I get SO much done because I’m not constantly shifting in my uncomfortable desk chair while trying not to slam my knees into the top of my desk every time I move a centimeter.

#4 : Splitting Things Up

The most ANNOYING thing ever is when you look at your planner or agenda, and all you see is little scribbles in the “Today” box that say things like “Finish this paper” or “Watch this documentary (that’s 2 hours long) and take notes because there’s a test on it tomorrow YIPPEE!!” Yeah, no 😭

Breaking things down will SAVE! YOUR! LIFE!

No joke 😂😉

If you have (for example) three different assignments you HAVE to get done today because they’re due tomorrow, then break them down.


Look specifically at…

  • How many tasks/parts to the assignment there are
  • How long each task/part will take
  • When’s your assessment/presentation
  • How much each assignment (or portion of the assignment) is worth (point/grade wise)

From there, break it down into a list on your plan-of-action! This plan-of-action should look something like this:


For me, I always get the easiest things done first, specifically as a way to gradually ease into the harder things.

It’s crazy how much this ACTUALLY makes a difference! It’s easier to be motivated if you slowly build up instead of just diving head-first into the deep end.


#3 : Exercise

Ever come back from the gym feeling like you were on fire? Yeah, well, you’ve just helped your stress levels, that’s why!

If you’ve ever seen Legally Blonde, you’ll recognize this quote…

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! Happy people don’t shoot their husbands…

Ahhhh, such a classic movie 😂

But Elle Woods is right; exercise does release a group of hormones called endorphins that trigger pain-relieving receptors as well as give you a similar “happy-effect” like morphine, another hormone.

Although finding the motivation to exercise is sometimes hard (who wants to run five miles for FUN??), it’s incredibly important to exercise weekly, if not daily.

It has been scientifically (and Elle-Woods-ly) proven to make you happier and less stressed.

Keeping your endorphin level high is good, too high of a level will make you constantly feel happy, so when the level returns to normal, you’ll plunge into a depressive episode which may result in a high-chase (or, in more simple terms, a chase for drugs that make you feel happy and de-stressed; NOT GOOD!!)

#2 : “Me Time”

Although it’s great to go out and spend time with friends to help you destress, it’s SO important to just put that and have some quality “Me Time”.

Turn off your notifications and just chill.

Read a book, paint your nails, take a nap, watch a movie, cuddle with your dog, whatever! Just do something that takes only YOU and nobody else.img_8921This is actually SO important, and people don’t forget just how important it actually is.

Although complete isolation is awful, it’s both mentally and physically important to have some R&R by yourself. In this article, it explains further how taking time to yourself always your brain to reboot, as well as gives you a sense of balance and motivation that all-around makes you a better person ☺️

If your a people-person like me, it can sometimes be difficult to dedicate an hour or more to just lounging around by yourself with no human interaction (unless you get sucked into the WORMHOLE that is Netflix 😂), but it’s SO important to spend at least an hour a day by yourself to allow your brain to completely reboot and process your daily intake of information.

#1 : Sleeping

I know you’ve probably heard it a MILLION times, but sleep is SO IMPORTANT!!

It not only…

  1. Allows you to physically and mentally recover (your brain works throughout the night preserving daily memories, but also helps you physically recover from wounds, illnesses, etc.).
  2. Sleeping fully prevents you from gaining weight (too little sleep changes your hormone levels and can make you feel unnecessarily hungrier as a result).
  3. Can drive chronic diseases and conditions like heart disease.

But also…

Chases away stress!!

Not-so-fun fact: stress can lead to sleeping-disorders, high blood pressure or cholesterol, and heart disease.

Yeah, not so fun right?

I cannot stress ENOUGH (pun intended 😉) how important it is to sleep a full night’s rest EVERY night!

But sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep… It may be caused by stress, but a lot of things actually contribute to not being able to fall asleep.

Let’s take a look.

#1 : Blue light

Okay, if you’re on your phone 30 minutes before you plan to go to bed, you’re going to have trouble falling asleep.

The bright light your electronic(s) produce(s) (even when the brightness is down) is called blue light, and actually prevents sleep due to its color. Yes, night-shift mode on your phone helps a little, but it doesn’t make it easier to fall asleep.

The best thing to do is turn off your device(s) close to 30 minutes before you plan on going to sleep, do your nightly routine, and then go to bed.

Not only is it scientifically proven, but I’ve started doing it, and the difference it makes is incredible!

#2 : Don’t take naps

If you’re a napper, try to break the habit (sorry….).

Naps in the mid- or late- afternoon affect your sleep schedule drastically and aren’t going to make you feel replenished.

They’re only going to make you MORE tired since your sleep schedule is going to be all out of whack!

#3 : No caffeine or alcohol

While the caffeine one is self-explanatory, it’s NOT a smart move to drink alcohol in the late afternoon.

Not only does it elevate human growth hormone, but it also makes you snore and wake up at random spots in the night.

As for caffeine, just don’t consume any beverages with caffeine, like sodas, coffee, or tea, before bed to prevent you from struggling to sleep!

How-To ; Plan A Trip

*DISCLAIMER* I am NOT a professional trip-planner, so don’t sue me if I tell you something that’s wrong!! *DISCLAIMER*

I feel like most people have heard of a senior trip; an extravagant trip where you and your friends or family travel to someplace cool or exotic in celebration of you graduating high school.

We may have started a little early, but a really close friend of mine, Taylor, brought up the idea that we should do our senior trip together!  And who would say no to traveling the world with that babe? 🖤


So, as freshmen (because, yes, we are THAt extra 😂), we have already begun to plan out where we’ll go, and how we’ll get there, how much money we’ll spend in the process, and where we’ll go.

And throughout this whole planning experience, I’ve become SOMEWHAT okay at planning trips (maybe it’s only because of my Type-A personality but 🤷‍♀️)!

Okay, so for this blog post, I’ve actually done outside research in order to present my ideas (I’m doing my research on a trip to Australia and I’m bringing my little sister just to make it interesting 😂😉). I feel like pictures and visual aids are REALLY helpful, and I felt like it would be more real if I could actually show examples of a trip I planned 🙂

Before I get into How-To, here are some background things you should consider getting/keep in mind…

  • Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets
    • It’s a free application that comes along with any Google or Microsoft accounts, and it will be REALLY helpful because it does most of the math and formatting for you.
  • Student Universe
    • This site allows students to find cheaper hotels, flights, and tours that are still pretty good quality. So if you’re a student, this will be REALLY helpful. If you aren’t, you’re welcome; I just showed you how to get cheaper stuff!
  • Pinterest
    • As goofy as it may sound, Pinterest has a LOT of cool pictures of various travel locations, so if you know that you want to travel, but you don’t have any previous ideas, it can be really helpful in helping you chose somewhere via pictures and articles.

So without further ado, I’m going to be helping YOU learn How-To plan a trip!

STEP ONE : choose a location 📍

This one is probably the HARDEST step because if you’re anything like me, there are SO many places you want to go! 😄

So a few things that are really important when choosing where you want to go are as follow;

list pt 1

  1. How much money are you willing to spend?
  2. How long (time-wise) do you have to travel?)
  3. Do you want to use a passport, and would that require renewing your passport?
  4. Who are you bringing with you, and are they paying for themselves, or are you covering for them?

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, don’t plan an exclusive trip to Hawaii, you know?

If you don’t have a lot of time because of work or school or other commitments, don’t plan a trip that will probably three weeks in order to see everything.

And don’t plan on traveling outside of your country UNLESS you plan on renewing your passport. If you don’t have a passport or don’t want to renew yours, you HAVE to be content with traveling inside your own country or your countries territories if said country has territories.

STEP TWO : research 📚

Okay, so this is probably my favorite step (Yes, I’m that nerdy kid who does research and math and science for fun. Roast me 😜).

Google, or research in another form (books, maps, pictures, experience etc.), various locations and create a list of places that YOU think would be cool or fun to go. This list could have two places or a hundred places, it’s up to you!

list pt 2

In your list, include…

  1. What you’d be doing at your destination
  2. Places you could go while there
  3. Restaurants, shops, or monuments you could visit
  4. What languages are spoken there (and if you’d need to learn a little bit of another language to travel there)
  5. What would you get out of going there (what would you learn/enjoy/complete?)

Once you’ve got your list, find out any additional information, like the country’s currency versus your countries currency (math ratio, I’m sorry), population, or any other anything else that you think would be useful.

STEP THREE : sheets/excel 📝

Part A : flights ✈️

*SIDE NOTE* If you’re not using excel, grab some graph paper!! *SIDE NOTE*

First, open your excel. step one

You’ll want to title it, give it a color, anything that will help you stay organized 😉 Write the dates you’ll be traveling, the destination(s), and the currency ratio into the first few boxes.

Then you’re going to want to pull up the website or call your chosen airline. For me, I’m going to use American Airlines since my dad does a lot of business with them, so I’ll get a discount for miles, and Virgin Australia (it was recommended to me on Student Universe) but you can use WHATEVER airline you rely on or one that is recommended to you.

step two

Once you get a quota (ideal/potential price) for your ticket, update your sheet/excel!
One thing that’s AWESOME about paying for your ticket online or with a credit card is that your credit card company converts the price of your tickets so that you don’t have to!! Thanks Debit 😉 IF you’re going to pay for your ticket in cash, you just multiply the price of the ticket by the foreign currency! (If you look at the picture in STEP TWO, you’ll see how to do the conversion 😄)

Part B : hotels/resorts 🏨

Most airlines or websites will recommend you to a hotel, so I wouldn’t (personally) worry about NOT finding a hotel.

list pt 3

To find the estimated price for a hotel, you can either check with the airline or enter into a hotel’s website the amount of time you’ll be staying with them. Like I’ve previously stated, credit card companies WILL convert the cost into the foreign currency, but you could always do it by hand.

Make a list of several hotels, their price, and any other details you feel important before committing to ANY hotel or resort. This just ensures that you’re getting the best deal for you.

step three

Whenever my family and I travel, we always make sure to look at multiple locations before narrowing down my options to one or two hotels. This just ensures that we’re getting the best deal for the location we’re staying at.

So don’t be afraid to do some research on where you’ll be staying!! 😄

Part C : daily cost goal 💵

So, you’ve got the amount of money you’re WILLING to spend set, right? Well, what should you spend on a day-to-day basis in order to stay under or right at your goal?

step four

  1. Calculate the cost of your flights AND your hotel(s)! (This is where having excel or sheets will be extremely helpful!!)
  2. Subtract that from your total amount.
  3. DIVIDE your TOTAL AMOUNT LEFT by the number of days you are traveling for. (Example: $5000 = amount left, 10 = travel days ➡️ $5000 divided by 10 ➡️ $500 per day) step five

Now, you know how much money you have left for day-to-day activities like food, shopping, and other things!

STEP FOUR : booking/finalizing 😎

Get your suitcase ready and sunglasses on, because you’re ready to go!

Don’t forget your camera, sunscreen, and good vibes before you leave for your trip!!




Or in other terms, the brain.

SO fun fact about me; I am really interested in becoming a pediatric neurosurgeon, or, in less fancy terms, a doctor who operates on children’s brains.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “What a weirdo! Stay clear or her, good God! What kind of teenager wants to dig around in people’s brains??”

Well, it’s actually SUPER fascinating how everything works!

So get this… Your brain doesn’t have any pain receptors! Whaaaat?

Yes, your brain is the vital organ that can detect pain, but only in other parts of your body. The brain itself has no pain receptors, which means you could have a surgeon operating on the back of your head, and you can be awake and feel fine.

Speaking of being awake during surgery, it’s actually quite common to be awake during neurosurgery.

Because you are basically a brain (it controls your motor functions, your thoughts, everything!), doctors HAVE to be sure that they aren’t doing any critical damage to your brain. So they’ll have you start talking and they’ll touch on part of your brain that controls your verbal skills, and your speech will just become slurred and incomprehensible.

Am I the ONLY one who finds that so incredibly cool? Like, how can someone not (i) find this cool??

Hold on – get this! If you’re a techy person, you’ll be SUPER interested in this…

Neurosurgeons, among other doctors, have begun to use VR headsets to help patients get an inside look of where and how they’re going to perform a surgery!! Like, what?!

Another thing that’s too cool about neurosurgery is how little we know about the brain compared to most other organs. And failure isn’t exactly an option.

In this article, some neurosurgeons go more in depth about what they love about neurosurgery, and how although it is challenging due to the little information we have on certain aspects of the brain, they wouldn’t trade their job for anything else.

Okay, so ladies, here’s a sad fact for you; for every 20 male neurosurgeons, there is 1 female neurosurgeon. Like whaaat? Where’s my female representation?

Well, it’s with Dr. Grace Mandigo, an Asian-American, female neurosurgeon who specializes in devoted to her practice and is an “American Board of Neurological Surgery certified Neurosurgeon and Endovascular Neurosurgery specialist”. So, in other words, she’s kick-ass awesome!!

She’s literally changing the face of neurosurgery!! How is that not awesome? She is a minority group (female doctor) that isn’t commonly represented in the medical field, and she’s working SO HARD to bring awareness to this. She hosted a confrence to bring about change!!

Like, if I could be like ANYONE when I grow up, it would be her 🖤 I can’t think of anyone cooler and just, ugh. #rolemodel, you know?

TLM™️ ; Jimmy “Hugs”

Let me tell you this; there is nothing better than the moment I take Jimmy’s bridle off and all he wants is have his head held 🖤 It is the sweetest and most innocent gesture in the ENTIRE world.

eyes closed, snuggle on! • 2018

What’s really interesting is that horses like Jimmy Choo (yes, that is seriously his show name 😂) aren’t known to be super cuddly and affectionate; Grand Prix and big show horses are usually handled by grooms.

Yes, they get one-on-one interaction with their riders, but usually only when they’re working in the ring. What usually happens is that handlers groom and tack up the horse, the rider gets on and does their rounds, and then the handlers untack, groom, and wash the horse. Not a lot of love… 🙁

Jimmy is literally the sweetest thing though 🙃 He has become SO cuddly since he came to live at my barn.

a little blurry, but still so much love • 2019

One of his favorite things to do when we finish a lesson is to just be held the second his bridle comes off 🖤 It’s honestly just the cutest thing! And he’s just so loveable…

I mean, look at this face!!

jimmy choo • 2018

How could you not love him? Just being with him is such a privilege. And when he gets so cute and cuddly…it’s just one of The Little Moments™️ that make me smile so much.


Unpopular Opinion ; Makeup and Beauty

Okay, so I’m not sure how everyone else feels about this, but I 100% support and believe that boys – whether they’re gay or not, or anything in between – can wear makeup!

I don’t know who created the “rule” that only girls can wear makeup, because James Charles wears that stuff literally 1000 times better than me, and he still gets hate for it! Like, I’m sorry, but James literally looks better, and does his makeup better, than a LOT of people. Don’t @ me; y’all know it’s true.

from james’ new years post (on instagram) • 2019

How is he so pretty? 😍 Like, he’s actually GORGEOUS, and I feel like people totally put aside the fact that he’s A) super good and talented at doing makeup (I mean, are we looking at the same picture here?), B) breaking down gender barriers, which most people are advocating for, and C) just doing something that he loves and expressing himself courageously, all because he’s not a girl.

And to me, that’s honestly SO sad and pathetic. He shouldn’t have to deal with hate and that kind of stuff because people are still living in, like, 1950. This is 2019!! The world has bigger problems than guys who wear makeup. 🤷‍♀️

What really bothers me about makeup, though, is how people use SO MUCH because they think it’ll make them perfect or “cover their flaws”.

I’m NOT saying that that’s what everyone does; I know PERFECTLY well that some people, like James, wear makeup because they like it, not to be perfect or cover up what they don’t like about themselves. I get that; sometimes it feels nice to just put on some makeup, look in the mirror, and say, “Dang, I look pretty good!!” But I feel like some people do it to cover themselves up…

…which sucks!! I don’t want people to EVER feel pressured by the media or by people they admire. I hate it because it happens to me sometimes, and I know that if I have felt that way before, some people may be struggling with the same thing.

What I think the media and people that know they have the spotlight (so basically any celebrity 😂) should do is try to promote more of the “be comfortable in your own skin” message, because I know a lot of people, specifically teenagers, tend to struggle with accepting themselves for how they look.

At my school, we have advisories, and I hate it when I walk in the morning and someone is upset because they don’t feel like they look good in the shirt they picked or their hair makes their face look chubby or their mascara isn’t thick enough so their eyelashes still look small. The beauty standards HAVE to go!!

Not everyone is going to look the same, so promoting the idea that it’s considered “beautiful” is so annoying and unfair!!

from maddie ziegler’s instagram • 2018
from iman meskini’s instagram • 2018

These women are both ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, and they look nothing alike! They’re both from different cultures, from different backgrounds, have different body shapes, and wear different clothes, but they’re both beautiful! And I think that’s where a lot of teenagers – and people, in general – get it wrong; it’s so much more beautiful to be yourself, to show off who YOU are, not who you could be. 🖤

TOP•5 ; Underrated Shows

Okay, so I’m very passionate about several shows that are honestly so underrated? Like, these shows are so incredible, and it astonishes me that they’re not as popular as they should be! In some cases, it is hard to find at least ONE of these shows in certain countries, but I just wish the media would highlight them more because they are, truly, so awesome and fun to follow along with! So without further ado, my TOP•5 underrated shows.

#5 : Gilmore Girls

Don’t get me wrong, this show had a lot of hype when it first aired, but I feel that as it continued, it lost some of the attraction, which makes absolutely zero sense!! I mean, who didn’t fall in love with Lorelai and Rory? And like, what about Luke? And Sookie? Like, it’s such a classic!

I was introduced to this show on a car trip home from a lacrosse tournament, and I immediately fell in love with the show, mostly because the characters have such beautiful bonds.

They all just mean so much to one another, and ugh that makes me so happy!! 😄 One of the things I love so much about this show is the bond between Rory and Lorelai. Like, name THREE other mother-daughter bonds like that on tv. Can’t? That’s what I thought.

Not only is it what everyone can hope they can have with their mom, but also it’s just so sweet and simple. It is so obvious that Lorelai wants what best for Rory by the sacrifices she makes, and how she just wants to help Rory get what she wants in life. Like, I’m sorry, but the FEELS. 😭

I was recently re-watching some of the episodes, and like I forgot how much I missed the show? I mean, every character is just so great, and the show itself is honestly gold.

And can we just acknowledge that it was one of the first big hits written by FEMALE writers!! Like, to me, that’s one of the greatest accomplishments of the show; I cannot think of another show written in not only the 2000s but also in the twentieth century that was written by women and became a major hit. World: 0 Ladies: 1 😉

#4 : Supernatural

Another incredible show with Jared Padalecki because, um, he’s awesome and I adore him so much? 🖤

So my friend actually thought that I would love “Supernatural”, so we watched most of the first season together, and I honestly got addicted. It’s just too good!! Like Sam and Dean Winchester, I love you so much more than words can even BEGIN to describe my precious beans.

I think the only issue with the show is that it’s SO! LONG! (which is fine by me 😉), but I think that’s honestly what sabotaged it. When it first came out, I feel like it was relatively positively, but when the seasons started coming out and it was just like season after season after season, I feel like the show lost some momentum.

And that sucks SO MUCH because it’s honestly such a good show, and it only gets better as it goes on. I mean, Castiel? My holy child/king of hell I absolutely adore you and everything you stand for, and Bobby, my man, I miss you, you precious man who raised my children.

The show isn’t for everybody, hence the amount of gore and the fact that over the course of 14 seasons, only 6 episodes consist of no death, but if that kind of stuff doesn’t bother you, I seriously recommend this show because it is beautiful and I love it too much. 🤷‍♀️

#3 : Dog with a Blog

OKAY don’t judge me right now, but “Dog with a Blog” is SUCH – and was when it was released – an underrated show! Like, Michael B. Kaplan and Philip Stark are actually geniuses!

The first time I watched it was at a friend’s house, and I honestly was annoyed that they wanted to watch a show that was called “Dog with a Blog.” It just sounds so lame! But it ended up being super cute and super funny, so I ended up loving the show so much.

Not to mention, like, it’s about a dog who blogs and talks (somewhat of a cliche – I know), but they made it work? The whole plotline where the kids are trying to hide the dogs secret because they don’t want to lose him because A) he’s their dog and they love him and B) because he is the ONE thing that brought them together. 🖤 Like, how is that not adorable and lovable??

It’s somewhat similar to most Disney shows where there’s a lot of sarcasm and dumb jokes, but it’s also really different because I feel like it’s got more of a steady and consistent plot throughout the seasons, where most Disney shows – well at least nowadays (but we all know the 2000s had the real Disney shows like the “Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and “Hannah Montana”) kept the same idea, but the plot changed a lot.

In general, it was just a super cute show and I absolutely loved it, and like the last episode honestly broke me. I literally followed that show for 3 years, and the ending was kind of bittersweet 😭

#2 : Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016-2018)

Yeah, yeah, it’s a kids “show.” Uh-huh, whatever you say Dreamworks/world 🙄 Y’all so wrong that it physically hurts

Another recommendation from a friend that led to not only devastation, but also obsession 👍 I wasn’t expecting the show to be as captivating as it, mostly because it’s a Youth-7 (per Netflix rating) animated series about space lions based off of a 1980s series.

BUT I was quite wrong!! The show is actually phenomenal, and so much cuter and entertaining than I expected. From absolutely hilarious and memorable quotes like “Girl, you’ve already raised my particle barrier” and “When I say vol, you say….” “Vol…tron?”, it’s impossible to not fall in love with the paladins.

Although I know of a lot of teenagers who have also gotten super into “Voltron”, mostly because of the {unfortunately not-canon (YET)} ship between Lance McClain and Keith Kogane (aka my sexy ninja sharpshooter and my favorite mullet 🖤). However, I feel like the show didn’t get as much hype as it should have.

Not only is the writing phenomenal, but the characters and their development individually and as a team was just such an experience. It literally takes one second to fall in love with the show, but I feel like most people don’t give it a chance because it is an animated picture.

Some of my close friends and I got one of our non-obsessed friends to watch the show, and she got super into it (especially since she’s literally Keith), so I feel like if more people would give it a try and NOT reject it because it’s animated, it would be more popular by a lot.

#1 : SKAM (aka my favorite show ever)

Okay, this title may give you one of two reactions:

  1. The best reaction, MY personal reaction, would be like this: Oh my god, I LOVE that show, I can’t believe she knows that show!! Isn’t it the most beautiful thing to ever exist? Oh my god, Evak though?!
  2. OR, for most people, unfortunately, they’re reaction will most likely be like this: I’m sorry, but did you just sneeze? Is that even in English? What’s a scam; I literally asked if you sneezed, so don’t be rude!!

To answer your question, no, it’s not in English. It’s actually in Norwegian and has officially consumed every ounce of my being (not to be dramatic BUT).

For those of you who have Instagram, if you look in your suggested, have you ever seen those clips from tv shows? Well, that’s actually how I first saw a bit of the show, specifically, the scene where my girl Noora roasts William so bad 😂 I then heard more about the show when I saw some clips of Isak and Even, as well as Sana and Youssef, on YouTube.

You actually CAN’T access “SKAM” in most countries (at least, to my knowledge) because Norway protects it’s internet very securely, so it made it somewhat hard to watch the show. HOWEVER, being the desperate fangirl I am, I just HAD to get more of the characters I had already become emotionally attaches too 🤷‍♀️ So I ended up finding it on a free site with English subtitles, and make a long story short, I ended up ruining my own life with that freaking show 👍

Okay, so what is so great about this show? How about absolutely everything? When I say it has something for everyone, I mean everyone; we’ve got diverse relationships, ethnicities, and religions, as well as several, downright badass characters.

What’s really cool about this show is how with each season (there are four in total – NOT ENOUGH JULIE; GIVE US MORE!!), a different character is brought into the light. We are introduced to about 95% of the characters in the first season, and the last three season follow three different people introduced in season one. Another thing I really love about this show is how you watch all the characters grow, which I think is honestly so important and it’s just so underrated.

Season one is all about Eva Mohn, an insecure girl who is struggling with her introduction to high school, her relationship, and her old friends. I don’t really like who Eva becomes personally, but that’s just me.

Season two follows Noora Sætre, who is SO awesome and just kicks ass and I love my little feminist baby. In her season, I feel like she faces one of the biggest challenges out of any of the characters, but I’m not going to spoil anything. 😜

Season three chases after my precious gay bean, Isak Valtersen, who I adore so much, and, although I’m pretty sure it’s self-explanatory, the season is about him coming out.

And lastly, my badass, Sana Bakkoush is the queen of season four, which actually made me so happy because she’s awesome. Because she’s Muslim, she has to deal with unnecessary hate, and the season is about how she learns to deal with the anger that builds up.