TLM ; Jimmy “Hugs”

Let me tell you this; there is nothing better than the moment I take Jimmy’s bridle off and all he wants is have his head held πŸ–€

It is the sweetest and most innocent gesture in the ENTIRE world.

eyes closed, snuggle on! β€’ 2018

What’s really interesting is that horses like Jimmy Choo (yes, that is seriously his show name) aren’t known to be super cuddly and affectionate; Grand Prix and big show horses are usually handled by grooms.

Yes, they get one-on-one interaction with their riders, but usually only when they’re working in the ring.

What usually happens is that handlers groom and tack up the horse, the rider gets on and does their rounds, and then the handlers untack, groom, and wash the horse.

Not a lot of love… :/

Jimmy is literally the sweetest thing though :))

He has become SO cuddly since he came to live at my barn.

a little blurry, but still so much love β€’ 2019

One of his favorite things to do when we finish a lesson is to just be held the second his bridle comes off πŸ–€Β It’s honestly just the cutest thing! And he’s just so loveable…

I mean, look at this face!!

jimmy choo β€’ 2018

How could you not love him?

Just being with him is such a privilege. And when he gets so cute and cuddly…it’s just one of The Little Moments that make me smile so much.