Unpopular Opinion ; Makeup and Beauty

Okay, so I’m not sure how everyone else feels about this, but I 100% support and believe that boys – whether they’re gay or not, or anything in between – can wear makeup!

I don’t know who created the “rule” that only girls can wear makeup, because James Charles wears that stuff literally 1000 times better than me, and he still gets hate for it!

Like, I’m sorry, but James literally looks better, and does his makeup better, than a LOT of people.

Don’t @ me; y’all know it’s true.

from james’ new years post (on instagram) • 2019

How is he so pretty? Like, he’s actually GORGEOUS, and I feel like people totally put aside the fact that he’s

A) super good and talented at doing makeup (I mean, are we looking at the same picture here?)

B) breaking down gender barriers, which most people are advocating for


C) just doing something that he loves and expressing himself courageously, all because he’s not a girl.

And to me, that’s honestly SO sad and pathetic. He shouldn’t have to deal with hate and that kind of stuff because people are still living in, like, 1950.

This is 2019!!

The world has bigger problems than guys who wear makeup.

What really bothers me about makeup, though, is how people use SO MUCH because they think it’ll make them perfect or “cover their flaws”.

I’m NOT saying that that’s what everyone does; I know PERFECTLY well that some people, like James, wear makeup because they like it, not to be perfect or cover up what they don’t like about themselves.

I get that; sometimes it feels nice to just put on some makeup, look in the mirror, and say, “Dang, I look pretty good!!”

But I feel like some people do it to cover themselves up…

…which sucks!!

I don’t want people to EVER feel pressured by the media or by people they admire. I hate it because it happens to me sometimes, and I know that if I have felt that way before, some people may be struggling with the same thing.

What I think the media and people that know they have the spotlight (so basically any celebrity) should do is try to promote more of the “be comfortable in your own skin” message, because I know a lot of people, specifically teenagers, tend to struggle with accepting themselves for how they look.

At my school, we have advisories, and I hate it when I walk in the morning and someone is upset because they don’t feel like they look good in the shirt they picked or their hair makes their face look chubby or their mascara isn’t thick enough so their eyelashes still look small. The beauty standards HAVE to go!!

Not everyone is going to look the same, so promoting the idea that it’s considered “beautiful” is so annoying and unfair!!

from maddie ziegler’s instagram • 2018
from iman meskini’s instagram • 2018

These women are both ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, and they look nothing alike!

They’re both from different cultures, from different backgrounds, have different body shapes, and wear different clothes, but they’re both beautiful!

And I think that’s where a lot of teenagers – and people, in general – get it wrong; it’s so much more beautiful to be yourself, to show off who YOU are, not who you could be. 🖤