TLM ; Crossing The Bridge

Where I go to summer camp, there’s a bridge that links the Near Side (where all the younger girls are) and the Far Side (where all the older girls are) that you have to cross when coming back from dances in The Cage (a group of no-longer-in-use-tennis courts).

What’s really special about crossing this bridge, specifically at night, is ALL the stars 💫


The clear, summer nights when you’re walking back with your best friends, shoes in hands, and ALL you can see for miles is stars…

It’s honestly just incredible!

Camp is somewhere I’m most myself, and I think about it year-round, but one thing I miss most about my month there is how the sky looks at night.

Although the stars at my house are visible, you can’t see the murkiness of the Milky Way or the glisten of smaller, less well-known stars.

But at Camp, you can see every last star 😍

I love just stopping in the bridge, hand-in-hand with one of my best friends, and just looking at the stars with her 😌

It’s honestly SUCH an indescribable feeling. It’s one of those things where I want everyone to be able to see THAT many stars in the sky.

Maybe seeing the stars means something different to me because I love astronomy, but stars that look like this…

yosemite valley, where i grew up camping

Isn’t that just incredible? 🤩

I don’t know, but crossing that bridge at camp is just one of The Little Moments that makes me stop and realize how lucky I am.

I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything 🖤


Unpopular Opinions ; Crop-tops

Don’t @ me, but crop-tops are for EVERYONE!

Whether you’re “skinny” or “fat”, there’s NO reason why you shouldn’t express yourself through you’re clothing.

One thing I absolutely HATE is when people say stupid and mean things like, “You’re too fat to wear that shirt!” or “Fat people shouldn’t wear skin-bearing clothes!” or “Why are you wearing a crop-top? You’re a boy!”

Okay, FIRST OF ALL, fat should never be used as a shaming or mean word, because it’s just another adjective like “beautiful”.


Not everyone is going to have the exact same body shape, so stop expecting that! People are born differently, so just deal with it! We all have different metabolisms, genetics, and neurological makeups, so it actually makes me SO MAD when people fat shame other people.

Like, who do you think you are? That’s A) not your place and none of your business, and B) why does it matter?? Like, if you’re a good and kind person that has a different body shape, like why should what you look like matter? I don’t understand??

And SECOND OF ALL, boys can wear crop-tops, too!

Just like make-up, it’s all about personal expression, and if you’re a dude who wants to wear a crop-top despite our TOXIC society, then you go king!! Take you’re crown!!

To be one-hundred percent honest, cis guys can wear crop-tops, too. If girls can wear basketball shorts, baggy sweatpants, and over-sized sports jersey because they want to, then guys can wear crop-tops. 


You CANNOT be for one or the other; you gotta play for both teams since y’all are playing/fighting for the same thing!! And that’s just the tea sis.

What people need to understand is that yes, being beautiful on the inside is SO much more beautiful than looking like a model, but there are so many KINDS OF BEAUTIFUL 🖤

The woman in the picture a few paragraphs above is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, and she is beautiful in her own way.

No, she isn’t what is considered the “beauty standard”, but I think it’s impossible to say that she’s not pretty. Honestly.

And if you have the GUTS to tell me he isn’t handsome, you’re either blind or lying to me and to yourself.

Just spreading the facts, my dudes…

What I simply CANNOT understand is why there are gender barriers and beauty standards.

Like I said, NO ONE is physically, mentally, or emotionally the same, so I wish society would stop trying to force that onto people.

One of my favorite quotes is “We were born to be real, not perfect,” which was said by an unknown genius.

What I really want to happen, now that’s it’s 2019, is for gender barriers and beauty standards to crumble.

They’re not relevant, needed, or important, and they cause SO many insecurities!!

Nobody wants to feel like they’re not good enough, so don’t try to force people to be things that they’re not!!

If a boy wants to wear make-up and girls of all sizes want to wear crop-tops and short skirts, LET THEM!! It’s not your place to tell them what to do, and it’s their life; let them live it the way they want to!!

TOP•5 : Ways to Stay De-Stressed

This goes out to all my teenagers and procrastinators 😉

If you’re someone who likes to procrastinate (can’t relate, it stresses me out WAY too much to the point of emotional break-down… ) or some who is lowkey SO STRESSED out by work or school that sunlight hurts, then this is for you!

So like I said, I literally CAN’T procrastinate, but I know a lot of people who do, and I know from personal experience that these methods (which are my personal favorites) actually help because, um, I’m not stressed out? And I do these things? So like scientifically proven?

#5 : Being Comfy While Working

Okay, so like apparently studies show you’re NOT supposed to study or do work on your bed or a couch or ANYWHERE comfy because it distracts you and makes you feel sleepy or lazy, but like, being comfy is WAY less distracting because you’re not switching to a “comfy position” every two seconds…

Um, don’t @ me science.


Like, if you KNOW that you’re not going to be able to study because you’re going to fall asleep on your bed, then don’t do this, but if you just had an “Ah-ha!” moment, then you’re welcome.

Because isn’t it SO much more distracting to be constantly moving, trying to be comfortable when trying to get something done then when sitting down and being comfy?

Like, I get SO much done because I’m not constantly shifting in my uncomfortable desk chair while trying not to slam my knees into the top of my desk every time I move a centimeter.

#4 : Splitting Things Up

The most ANNOYING thing ever is when you look at your planner or agenda, and all you see is little scribbles in the “Today” box that say things like “Finish this paper” or “Watch this documentary (that’s 2 hours long) and take notes because there’s a test on it tomorrow YIPPEE!!” Yeah, no. 

Breaking things down will SAVE! YOUR! LIFE!

No joke!

If you have (for example) three different assignments you HAVE to get done today because they’re due tomorrow, then break them down.


Look specifically at…

  • How many tasks/parts to the assignment there are
  • How long each task/part will take
  • When’s your assessment/presentation
  • How much each assignment (or portion of the assignment) is worth (point/grade wise)

From there, break it down into a list on your plan-of-action! This plan-of-action should look something like this:


For me, I always get the easiest things done first, specifically as a way to gradually ease into the harder things.

It’s crazy how much this ACTUALLY makes a difference! It’s easier to be motivated if you slowly build up instead of just diving head-first into the deep end.


#3 : Exercise

Ever come back from the gym feeling like you were on fire? Yeah, well, you’ve just helped your stress levels, that’s why!

If you’ve ever seen Legally Blonde, you’ll recognize this quote…

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! Happy people don’t shoot their husbands…”

Ahhhh, such a classic movie…

But Elle Woods is right; exercise does release a group of hormones called endorphins that trigger pain-relieving receptors as well as give you a similar “happy-effect” like morphine, another hormone.

Although finding the motivation to exercise is sometimes hard (who wants to run five miles for FUN??), it’s incredibly important to exercise weekly, if not daily.

It has been scientifically (and Elle-Woods-ly) proven to make you happier and less stressed.

Keeping your endorphin level high is good, too high of a level will make you constantly feel happy, so when the level returns to normal, you’ll plunge into a depressive episode which may result in a high-chase (or, in more simple terms, a chase for drugs that make you feel happy and de-stressed; NOT GOOD!!)

#2 : “Me Time”

Although it’s great to go out and spend time with friends to help you destress, it’s SO important to just put that and have some quality “Me Time”.

Turn off your notifications and just chill.

Read a book, paint your nails, take a nap, watch a movie, cuddle with your dog, whatever! Just do something that takes only YOU and nobody else.img_8921This is actually SO important, and people don’t forget just how important it actually is.

Although complete isolation is awful, it’s both mentally and physically important to have some R&R by yourself. In this article, it explains further how taking time to yourself always your brain to reboot, as well as gives you a sense of balance and motivation that all-around makes you a better person 🙂

If your a people-person like me, it can sometimes be difficult to dedicate an hour or more to just lounging around by yourself with no human interaction (unless you get sucked into the WORMHOLE that is Netflix), but it’s SO important to spend at least an hour a day by yourself to allow your brain to completely reboot and process your daily intake of information.

#1 : Sleeping

I know you’ve probably heard it a MILLION times, but sleep is SO IMPORTANT!!

It not only…

  1. Allows you to physically and mentally recover (your brain works throughout the night preserving daily memories, but also helps you physically recover from wounds, illnesses, etc.).
  2. Sleeping fully prevents you from gaining weight (too little sleep changes your hormone levels and can make you feel unnecessarily hungrier as a result).
  3. Can drive chronic diseases and conditions like heart disease.

But also…

Chases away stress!!

Not-so-fun fact: stress can lead to sleeping-disorders, high blood pressure or cholesterol, and heart disease.

Yeah, not so fun right?

I cannot stress ENOUGH (pun intended ;P) how important it is to sleep a full night’s rest EVERY night!

But sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep… It may be caused by stress, but a lot of things actually contribute to not being able to fall asleep.

Let’s take a look.

#1 : Blue light

Okay, if you’re on your phone 30 minutes before you plan to go to bed, you’re going to have trouble falling asleep.

The bright light your electronic(s) produce(s) (even when the brightness is down) is called blue light, and actually prevents sleep due to its color. Yes, night-shift mode on your phone helps a little, but it doesn’t make it easier to fall asleep.

The best thing to do is turn off your device(s) close to 30 minutes before you plan on going to sleep, do your nightly routine, and then go to bed.

Not only is it scientifically proven, but I’ve started doing it, and the difference it makes is incredible!

#2 : Don’t take naps

If you’re a napper, try to break the habit (sorry….).

Naps in the mid- or late- afternoon affect your sleep schedule drastically and aren’t going to make you feel replenished.

They’re only going to make you MORE tired since your sleep schedule is going to be all out of whack!

Unpopular Opinion ; Makeup and Beauty

Okay, so I’m not sure how everyone else feels about this, but I 100% support and believe that boys – whether they’re gay or not, or anything in between – can wear makeup!

I don’t know who created the “rule” that only girls can wear makeup, because James Charles wears that stuff literally 1000 times better than me, and he still gets hate for it!

Like, I’m sorry, but James literally looks better, and does his makeup better, than a LOT of people.

Don’t @ me; y’all know it’s true.

from james’ new years post (on instagram) • 2019

How is he so pretty? Like, he’s actually GORGEOUS, and I feel like people totally put aside the fact that he’s

A) super good and talented at doing makeup (I mean, are we looking at the same picture here?)

B) breaking down gender barriers, which most people are advocating for


C) just doing something that he loves and expressing himself courageously, all because he’s not a girl.

And to me, that’s honestly SO sad and pathetic. He shouldn’t have to deal with hate and that kind of stuff because people are still living in, like, 1950.

This is 2019!!

The world has bigger problems than guys who wear makeup.

What really bothers me about makeup, though, is how people use SO MUCH because they think it’ll make them perfect or “cover their flaws”.

I’m NOT saying that that’s what everyone does; I know PERFECTLY well that some people, like James, wear makeup because they like it, not to be perfect or cover up what they don’t like about themselves.

I get that; sometimes it feels nice to just put on some makeup, look in the mirror, and say, “Dang, I look pretty good!!”

But I feel like some people do it to cover themselves up…

…which sucks!!

I don’t want people to EVER feel pressured by the media or by people they admire. I hate it because it happens to me sometimes, and I know that if I have felt that way before, some people may be struggling with the same thing.

What I think the media and people that know they have the spotlight (so basically any celebrity) should do is try to promote more of the “be comfortable in your own skin” message, because I know a lot of people, specifically teenagers, tend to struggle with accepting themselves for how they look.

At my school, we have advisories, and I hate it when I walk in the morning and someone is upset because they don’t feel like they look good in the shirt they picked or their hair makes their face look chubby or their mascara isn’t thick enough so their eyelashes still look small. The beauty standards HAVE to go!!

Not everyone is going to look the same, so promoting the idea that it’s considered “beautiful” is so annoying and unfair!!

from maddie ziegler’s instagram • 2018
from iman meskini’s instagram • 2018

These women are both ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, and they look nothing alike!

They’re both from different cultures, from different backgrounds, have different body shapes, and wear different clothes, but they’re both beautiful!

And I think that’s where a lot of teenagers – and people, in general – get it wrong; it’s so much more beautiful to be yourself, to show off who YOU are, not who you could be. 🖤