TLM ; Puppy Cuddles

If you are fortunate enough to have a dog, let me tell you what you’re already thinking…

The Little Moments when you are just chilling and your dog come up, wagging their tail, kissing your face, and just being super cuddly and sweet.


I just described your ideal rainy afternoon. Don’t even @ me. 

pepper ‘n me

Dogs are literally the sweetest and most innocent thing ever, so like, cuddling with them is so precious and warm 🙂

There are legit STAGES of cuddling with them:

  1. Doggo comes and lays down with you
  2. Doggo wags its tail and gives you the puppy eyes (we all know what those are because they get us every time…)
  3. Doggo literally SMILES as you rub its belly and pet its soft fur

  4. Doggo turns head and licks your face

  5. Doggo closes eyes as you pet the doggo

  6. Heart officially melted

TELL ME I’m wrong.

Oh wait.

You can’t XP!!

me and pepper coming home

Just cuddling with my dog

(and other people’s dogs, of course, because I

LITERALLY have ZERO self-control)

are some of The Little Moments that makes me so grateful and happy🖤


TLM ; Wavy Hair, Don’t Care

Although I have naturally wavy hair…

There is nothing more satisfying than taking out a tight braid to an abundance of wavy and curly locks 🖤

ready to head out :))

It feels free, wild, and fun 🖤

I used to wish I could have straight hair, but now I put it in braids so it’s extra curly.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 8.57.11 AM
source #1 // source #2

Ugh, just the moment when you take out a braid and you see the flow of curls…

So loose, so free, so indescribable.

As someone who spends the entire summer in braids, I’m telling you; the wavy locks at the end of the braid are so satisfying. 


It’s, like, THAT satisfying ^

I don’t know, but it’s 110% one of The Little Moments that make me smile like an idiot for no reason :))

(And I’m telling you; The Little Moments where you smile

like an idiot for no reason are the BEST moments)


TLM ; Heartbeat​

One of the most comforting feelings in the entire world is hugging someone and hearing their heart beat 🖤

I was hugging someone a year or so back, and that’s when I first realized…

“Oh my god. Their heart! I can hear and feel it beating!”

And (not to sound cheesy) I’ve never hugged a person the same way again.

There was just something so comforting about listening to their heartbeat


It was sheltering – I felt so safe – and it was so gentle and pure, like nothing could compare.

And I kept hearing it.

Every time I hugged someone, their heartbeat was there. 

And I couldn’t describe why it made me so happy; I just knew that it did.

When we’re babies, we begin hearing our mother’s heartbeat after 16-18 weeks of being in the womb.

And we still find it comforting.

I cannot name a single feeling that makes me feel happier than hearing someone else’s heartbeat when I hug them.

I’m not sure if somebody’s heartbeats make other people as happy as it makes me, but I’m not sure I care.

What makes you happy makes you happy.

And hugging someone and hearing their heartbeat is just one of The Little Moments that makes me indescribably happy :))

TLM ; Hibiscus and Plumeria Flowers

It can’t be just me, but when I see or smell certain things, that sight or smell triggers a happy memory.

For me, hibiscus and plumeria flowers are a HUGE one.

Because I was raised in California, my family’s tropical vacations were usually to Hawaii, specifically Maui or “The Big Island”.

I grew up spending spring break or Thanksgiving swimming with turtles, digging in the sand, drinking fruity mocktails, and being surrounded by true Hawaiian beauty.

plumeria flowers : source

And hibiscus and plumeria flowers, the crown jewels of Hawaii!

Both of these beautiful flowers are found in Hawaii, and they were literally everywhere you went.

These flowers are colorful and beautiful and smell like heaven on Earth. They are truly one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. 

Although I’ve seen hibiscus flowers in other tropical places, I’ve never seen plumerias anywhere but Hawaii, but I haven’t seen as much of the world as I would like to.

One thing I’ve always loved about plumerias is the fact that sea turtles eat them. 

hibiscus flower : source

It’s the cutest thing to see a little turtle pull one of the fallen flowers underwater with them.

I mean, sea turtles are cute when they’re NOT eating pretty flowers, but when they ARE eating pretty flowers…

It’s game over man!!

Because I spent so much time on the islands, it became, not to sound cheesy, a part of me.

Everything is so slow and beautiful on the islands, and I honestly miss waking up and watching the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean.

Maybe it’s cheesy, but I don’t really care.

Hawaii is a place I grew up visiting, even as a baby!

To say that it hasn’t influenced me would be a lie.

So whenever I see these flowers, even in pictures, it’s like I can feel the warm aloha spirit and taste the waves. 

They remind me of The Little Moment I spent on the islands, and they remind me to be grateful for the memories I have there. 

TLM ; Crossing The Bridge

Where I go to summer camp, there’s a bridge that links the Near Side (where all the younger girls are) and the Far Side (where all the older girls are) that you have to cross when coming back from dances in The Cage (a group of no-longer-in-use-tennis courts).

What’s really special about crossing this bridge, specifically at night, is ALL the stars 💫


The clear, summer nights when you’re walking back with your best friends, shoes in hands, and ALL you can see for miles is stars…

It’s honestly just incredible!

Camp is somewhere I’m most myself, and I think about it year-round, but one thing I miss most about my month there is how the sky looks at night.

Although the stars at my house are visible, you can’t see the murkiness of the Milky Way or the glisten of smaller, less well-known stars.

But at Camp, you can see every last star 😍

I love just stopping in the bridge, hand-in-hand with one of my best friends, and just looking at the stars with her 😌

It’s honestly SUCH an indescribable feeling. It’s one of those things where I want everyone to be able to see THAT many stars in the sky.

Maybe seeing the stars means something different to me because I love astronomy, but stars that look like this…

yosemite valley, where i grew up camping

Isn’t that just incredible? 🤩

I don’t know, but crossing that bridge at camp is just one of The Little Moments that makes me stop and realize how lucky I am.

I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything 🖤

TLM ; Jimmy “Hugs”

Let me tell you this; there is nothing better than the moment I take Jimmy’s bridle off and all he wants is have his head held 🖤

It is the sweetest and most innocent gesture in the ENTIRE world.

eyes closed, snuggle on! • 2018

What’s really interesting is that horses like Jimmy Choo (yes, that is seriously his show name) aren’t known to be super cuddly and affectionate; Grand Prix and big show horses are usually handled by grooms.

Yes, they get one-on-one interaction with their riders, but usually only when they’re working in the ring.

What usually happens is that handlers groom and tack up the horse, the rider gets on and does their rounds, and then the handlers untack, groom, and wash the horse.

Not a lot of love… :/

Jimmy is literally the sweetest thing though :))

He has become SO cuddly since he came to live at my barn.

a little blurry, but still so much love • 2019

One of his favorite things to do when we finish a lesson is to just be held the second his bridle comes off 🖤 It’s honestly just the cutest thing! And he’s just so loveable…

I mean, look at this face!!

jimmy choo • 2018

How could you not love him?

Just being with him is such a privilege. And when he gets so cute and cuddly…it’s just one of The Little Moments that make me smile so much.